Welcome to the Potton Neighbourhood Plan website.

You have probably seen us at the various community events in Potton over the last three years and we’d like to give you a brief outline of what exactly a Neighbourhood Plan is and how the steering group, led by Potton Town Council, are working on producing Potton’s development plan until 2035.

What is a neighbourhood plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a plan drawn up by a community that sets out a shared vision, policies and proposals to shape future growth and development of the local area. Once agreed by Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) and ratified by a referendum by the residents of Potton, the Neighbourhood Plan will become a statutory document which means that by law it has to be taken into account by CBC when planning applications are being determined.

A Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Allows people to have a say on where new homes, shops, businesses and community facilities should go and what they should look like.
  • Gives people the opportunity to identify and help protect areas of green space that are of particular importance to them.
  • Cannot stop development but it can guide or encourage further development.

Why produce a neighbourhood plan?

A neighbourhood plan can give people real power to shape the development and growth of their local area. There are many potential benefits of a neighbourhood plan in terms of outcomes and also the process of preparing one. For example, a neighbourhood plan can:

  • Give local people greater ownership of the planning policies in their area
  • Allow a community to set out where development should go and what it should look like
  • Bring the community together to share ideas and build consensus about the needs and priorities for the area;
  • Help create lasting partnerships to take forward actions that may arise from the process;
  • Raise awareness and understanding of planning;
  • Improve relationships between the community and the Town Council;
  • Provide a detailed evidence base about the community;
  • Inform local authority strategies

We hope that you will support us in writing the Potton Parish Neighbourhood Plan in order to secure Potton’s future.

Latest updates

There is a referendum to adopt the Potton Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 3rd October (you will have received your Polling Card)

After three years of consultation with Potton residents, including surveys and questionnaires, Potton Town Council has now published their Neighbourhood Plan and submitted it to Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC).

CBC have scrutinised the Plan and have agreed to refer to the Potton Neighbourhood Plan when considering new planning applications – provided that the residents of the parish of Potton vote YES in a referendum.

So, the referendum on 3rd October is asking you whether or not you support the Neighbourhood Plan – Yes or No.

If you vote YES, you will ensure that your voice is heard when new planning applications are presented to CBC. It also means that prospective developers will also refer to the Neighbourhood Plan before they make a planning application. So hopefully, any new development in Potton will support your Vision outlined in the Neighbourhood Plan. 

So we are asking you to vote YES in the referendum on 3rd October.            Voting NO will leave us open to whatever developers want, not what you want!

We will be holding two surgeries:

Thursday 12th September (7pm – 9pm) in the Community Centre


Saturday 14th September (10am – 12noon) in the Library

We will also be attending the September Seasonal Market.

Come along and discuss the Potton Neighbourhood Plan with us. These are the powerpoint slides     surgery-slides-ev-final-show

front-coverThe Potton Neighbourhood Plan and the eight supporting annexes to the Plan can be found in the Neighbourhood Plan section of this website: 

Potton Neighbourhood Plan 






Please vote in the referendum, CBC will not adopt the Neighbourhood Plan unless it is endorsed by Potton residents.

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