Welcome to the Potton Neighbourhood Plan website.

Potton’s Neighbourhood Plan was approved in October 2019 following an independent examination and a referendum which gave a 96% vote in favour of adopting the plan.

Potton Town Council has now assumed responsibility for managing and implementing the Potton Neighbourhood Plan (PNP). To do this, their committee structure has been revised in order to oversee the PNP Policies.
The committees are now:
  • Planning Committee – responsible for the Housing Policies
  • Environmental Committee – responsible for the Environment Policies
  • Infrastructure Committee – responsible for the Community Infrastructure, Local Employment and Industries, and Transport Policies.
  • Management Committee – responsible for having an oversight of progress on implementing the PNP Policies, in liaison with the other committees.
front-coverThe Potton Neighbourhood Plan and the eight supporting annexes to the Plan can be found in the Neighbourhood Plan section of the Potton Town Council website: